Okay, Football Can Start Now
November 10, 2014

I don't really like this time of year. Baseball is over, it gets dark way too early. My high school football broadcasting season is over and we don't do basketball until January. But this is also the time when football starts to get good.

I heard it snowed in Green Bay yesterday. Too bad it stopped way before last night's game between the Packers and the Bears. The Bears didn't show up either, but at least Chico Boy Aaron Rodgers had a good game.

UCLA has a shot to win the Pac-12. It's a long shot but they still could get there. My mom asked me last week if the Bruins had a shot to make it to the Rose Bowl. I didn't have the energy to explain to her that the Rose Bowl is a college football playoff game this year, so they have no shot at all. A decent bowl game and a win over USC would be a great season.

It's too bad that Alabama somehow prevailed against LSU on Saturday. They were talking about a possible five-way tie for first in the SEC West if that had happened. If you are going to have a Final Four playoff in college football, the SEC Championship game should be a semifinal. Just have the winner of that conference take on the best team from outside the SEC. Seems only right.

Just like LSU lost at home to Alabama, another Louisiana team lost at home, and should have won. How lucky are the San Francisco 49ers to have beaten the New Orleans Saints. If they had lost, imagine the heat Jim Harbaugh and the 4-5 Niners would have taken. Instead, New Orleans is 4-5, but on top of the NFC South. Go figure.

Because everything is about TV, I'm going to tape the College Football Playoff Top 25 Show on ESPN. It airs Tuesday at 4:30. Remember when you just read the list of teams in the paper?

Most people might agree that a four-team college playoff is better than the BCS, but no matter how many teams they have, there will still be complaining. Did you also see the new trophy (pictured above)? No one said anything about doing away with the crystal football.

The New York Jets, with their upset victory over Pittsburgh yesterday, have as many wins as the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers combined. Two.

Baseball biz: In what they used to drag on for most of the month of November, Major League Baseball has narrowed their season awards announcements to one week. Jose Abreu (Chicago White Sox) and Jacob DeGrom (New York Mets) were named their league's Rookie of the Year today. Managers of the Year will be announced tomorrow, the Cy Young Awards on Wednesday, and the MVPs Thursday. To make a TV spectacle of the whole thing, they have announced finalists for the awards. Remember that the awards are supposed to be for the regular season only, so it's more likely that Mike Scioscia of the Angels or Baltimore's Buck Showalter win AL Manager of the Year than Kansas City's Ned Yost. Same for Giants fans, where Matt Williams (Nationals) is much more deserving (I say this as un-biased as can be) than Bruce Bochy.

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