BCS Haters Can't Hate This One (But That Doesn't Mean We Shouldn't Have a Playoff)
January 10, 2011

Remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you are like me and are not a fan of college football's Bowl Championship Series, this is not a good year to scream for a better system. Just about everyone who follows college football agrees that Auburn and Oregon are the two best teams in the country. They both went through the regular season undefeated, and provided a great championship game earlier tonight in Glendale, Arizona. Auburn won 22-19 on a field goal as time expired, just two-and-a-half minutes after Oregon scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion to tie the game.

It was a low-scoring affair, and Auburn did not score a touchdown in the second half, but there was a little of everything. Oregon went for two and made it after their first touchdown, there was a safety, and Auburn also stopped the Ducks at the goal line on another possession.

For BCS haters, the dark day on the calendar was November 26, the day after Thanksgiving. Alabama had a big lead on Auburn at halftime, and later that night, Boise State let one get away against Nevada. Had the early scores in those games held up, Oregon, Boise State, and TCU would have been undefeated, and Auburn would have had one loss, with SEC fans clamoring for the Tigers to get to the championship game anyway, because Auburn played a tougher schedule and (they feel) play in a better conference. That would have created utter BCS chaos, which would have made people like me very happy.

However, the way things turned out, not only did we get the clash between Auburn and Oregon, but unbeaten TCU (a team from a conference that does not automatically get its champion to a BCS bowl) got to play in the Rose Bowl, and went out and beat Big 10 champ Wisconsin 21-19. Not a bad way for things to turn out.

If you are not satisfied, and still clamoring for some sort of playoff, you are probably in for a long wait. ESPN just finished the first year of a four-year contract to televise all the BCS bowls, and seem pretty happy with the system. The NCAA (and whomever else it is that runs the sport) doesn't seem to be in a hurry to change things either.

So, for 2010-11 anyway, chalk one up for the BCS, and congrats to Auburn. Oh yeah, I guess we have to say this now. War Eagle.

Ducks on the pond: Oregon center Jordan Holmes (number 54) attended Yuba City High School. I called his varsity games on KUBA Radio. ESPN commentators Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit mentioned his name 5 times, and he was not called for a penalty...Chico native, former Duck, and former San Francisco 49er Jeff Stover should have been honorary captain instead of Ahmad Rashad. Stover was my broadcast partner, doing high school games with me on KPAY Radio in the early 90s...Former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti was the head coach at Chico State while I was there. Bellotti's was probably the first face I stuck a microphone in front of.