Kings Don't Need Seven To Win Cup
June 16, 2014

I went into work this morning thinking this was my last day. I even brought my own pen to sign my resignation letter. You see, the boss is a big New York Rangers fan. He even wore his Rangers blue jersey today. He was also nice enough to let me keep my job.

I figured the boss was kidding, but you never know when it comes to sports. His Rangers are commemorating the 20th anniversary since their last title—the only one since 1940. The Kings, meanwhile, are hoisting the cup for the second time in three years.

The Kings were the better team, and even the boss said so, and I got to keep my pen in my pocket, and am still gainfully employed. The Kings, in front of an estimated 300-thousand fans, paraded through downtown Los Angeles. Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Marian Gaborik, Drew Doughty, game-winning goal scorer Alec Martinez, and goaltender extraordinaire Jonathan Quick will get their names on the trophy, along with a little over a dozen others. In what provided great drama and great excitement for about six weeks, is over.

I was thrilled to jump on the bandwagon and go for the ride, but it was almost a little anticlimactic in a way. The Kings needed all seven games in each of their first three series, including coming from 0-3 down in the first round, to get to the championship. Then they dispatched the Rangers in five games although all three games in Los Angeles went into overtime. The Kings dominated game three in New York, and it almost felt right that they lost game four to bring the series back to LA. Double overtime, and finally the Martinez goal, and the trophy was raised.

I'm not complaining. If the Rangers forced a game six at Madison Square Garden, the series easily could have gone seven. All four series going seven and the Kings with a win could have been great, but maybe not for Rangers fans, including my boss. As is, I'm happy the Kings won, and the pen got to stay in my pocket.

Gold Sox hit the road: Even though I do get to keep my main job, I'm taking three days off in Grass Valley to follow the Marysville Gold Sox on their only road trip of the year. They lost at home Sunday after winning 15 straight, and now play two against the always tough Humboldt Crabs. We broadcast the games over the air at 1600 KUBA, and on the internet at if you want to check it out.

Photo (not taken by me): Kings Captain Dustin Brown hoists the Stanley Cup after the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers 3-2 in double overtime Friday night.

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