BCS, NFL, and CNN Highlight Year's First Week
January 9, 2012

This just in. Alabama has won the rematch. The Crimson Tide has shut out LSU 21-0 and claimed College Football's National Championship. Perhaps it was a rematch that shouldn't have happened. LSU was a 9-6 winner in overtime in November, but the Tide, despite not scoring a touchdown until late in the game, dominated to win the title.

The Tigers were not only shut out for the first time in almost ten years, but LSU only managed to get the ball across the 50 yard line once, and that was about half way through the fourth quarter.

I began the night rooting for LSU, but only because I thought they deserved to win it all. They were undefeated, and had already beaten Alabama. But when Jeremy Shelley converted his fifth field goal of the night in the final seconds of the third quarter, you felt the game was over. In two games this season, all LSU and Alabama could do against each other was ten field goals, but with 4:36 remaining, Trent Richardson finally found the end zone with a 34-yard touchdown run, putting the exclamation point on Alabama's second championship in three years.

I have to admit I was one of those who didn't want this rematch to happen. There are enough other college football teams out there that I didn't feel a rematch was necessary. But Alabama certainly looked like a championship team tonight.

- - - - -

I'm guessing even if you are not a sports fan, everyone by now must know who Tim Tebow is. And talk about the Denver Broncos quarterback (in case you didn't know) isn't going away anytime soon, after he completed an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas on the first play in overtime, and knocking out the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23.

The home team won all four playoff games this weekend, but the Broncos win was considered an upset, because Pittsburgh had a better record (but they didn't win their division). In the other games, the Giants clobbered Atlanta 24-2, New Orleans beat Detroit 45-28, and the Houston Texans got their first-ever playoff victory, 31-10 over the Cincinnati Bengals. Honestly, I didn't care who won any of the games, but three of the four were pretty entertaining. There are four more games this weekend, with the best matchup being New Orleans at San Francisco on Saturday.

- - - - -

Now that the calendar has turned to 2012, I guess it's time to start taking all this presidential election stuff seriously. I didn't watch any of the numerous Republican debates over the past few weeks, because the election was still almost a year away. But on Tuesday, while switching back and forth between the Sugar Bowl and the Laker game, I also made sure to check in with CNN at least twice an hour for coverage of the Iowa Caucuses. The first important piece of the nomination process ended up carrying a lot of drama, so after the games were over, I stayed with it until the end. Finally at 11:34pm (1:34am in Iowa), the final numbers were read, but CNN had no audio! I had to scramble to get the remote, and turn to the next channel down to find out Romney had won by eight votes.

The stars of the night were CNN phone guests Edith and Carolyn, who ran a precinct in Clinton County. The state had reported that results from one precinct were missing, and that it was from Clinton County. The producers got the ladies on the phone to not only report their results, but they also said the state had screwed up, and that their precinct was called in hours earlier. At first it seemed like CNN was just trying to fill time, but that missing precinct ended up being the one that put Romney over the top. CNN's John King, who was reporting the numbers all night, is really bad at math, though. You'd think the guy in charge of the numbers would be better, right?

Miscellany (which in this case means 'Back to Sports'): Afraid that they may not be able to immediately get the television rights to broadcast the Los Angeles Dodgers, I read that Time Warner Cable is interested in buying the club. What a horrible idea for Dodger fans and baseball in general. Remember Rupert Murdoch and Fox?...I wrote a couple of weeks ago that my main excitement about the NBA season was Sacramento Kings rookie guard Jimmer Fredette. So far, no good. It's not Jimmer Time yet. Fredette has only had ten or more points three times in nine games, shooting 37 percent from the field.

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