I'm Still Not Quite Ready For Some Football
August 15, 2011

Don't break out Hank Williams, Jr. just yet, at least not for me. With the “longest work stoppage in NFL history” (no regular season games missed) now over, the meaningless preseason games have now begun.

Actually, I did watch the first quarter of Thursday's San Diego-Seattle game, but only because there was nothing else on. The Giants played a day game, the A's were idle, and I don't get the MLB Network. So I just wanted to see how long Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers would be in there (it was just the first quarter).

If you are super passionate about the NFL, and are one of those who can name the depth chart of just about every team in the league, this should be a fun time for you. The entire off-season was condensed into about 17 days, filled with trades, and free agent signings. For me, that would be like having only 2 weeks in December for baseball's so-called “hot stove” league. But, I am not one of those people when it comes to the NFL.

I get easily annoyed by the NFL, especially when it comes to the coverage from primarily ESPN, but also other networks. I'm tired of Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress, and the other whiners and prima donnas who get coverage they don't deserve. And I swear that ESPN made a deal with the devil to land the NFL Monday Night game, and now must lead with league news, even when nothing is going on.

But I really can't complain about ESPN and it's non-stop NFL coverage now, I guess. Games have started, more trades will be made, cuts will be coming, and the games that count begin in 3˝ weeks. I'm sure I'll have that Hank Williams, Jr. song stuck in my head by then.

Baseball: It had to be the most bizarre 33-game hitting streak in baseball history. Dan Uggla was batting .173 when the streak started on July 5. He raised the average to .231 when it was snapped on Sunday. Eithier's 30-game streak was better.

Golf: This afternoon, I listened to noted columnists and commentators talk about how deep the PGA Tour is. The last 13 majors have had 13 different winners. Is that really depth or is it lack of talent? Example: Keegan Bradley wins the PGA Championship after a triple-bogey on 15. Weird. Sorry I missed it, though.

NASCAR: It's not worth watching three hours of people driving around in circles, but the soap opera that has become the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing can be entertaining (It's not true that NASCAR stands for Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks, even though that is easier to remember). It seems like after every race, someone jumps out of their car, and either fights with, or threatens another driver. I do understand that being bumped at 200 miles an hours can tick one off, but come on. It does make for a nice diversion from NFL coverage on Sports Center, however.

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