Football And Globes Make Fun Sunday
January 17, 2011

So I thought I was going to write about football, and how next week's championship games (Green Bay at Chicago, New York Jets at Pittsburgh) are probably better matchups than whatever turns up in the Super Bowl.

You have two NFC stalwart teams that are in the same division, meeting in the playoffs for the first time since 1941. Neither Green Bay nor Chicago got much play on ESPN that week, partly because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor exactly one week earlier, and also partly because ESPN (or television for that matter) didn't exist yet. Hopefully it will be 40 below and snowing in Chicago on Sunday. That would definitely be must-see TV!

On the AFC side, you have the Steelers and Jets, and who knows what will come out of New York coach Rex Ryan's mouth this week. Steelers-Patriots might have made for a better game, but New England didn't cooperate.

But instead of the NFL's version of the Final Four, let's talk about Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globe Awards. Lots of columns and show-biz types are either blasting the show's host, or at least reporting that he won't be back next year. As a viewer and not a target, Gervais' jokes seemed pretty tame. He did a normal Charlie Sheen joke, said that this was the year for three-dimensional movies, except for the characters in The Tourist (cut to shot of Angelina Jolie not amused), and he also took a shot at Tom Cruise, saying that Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor's performances in “I Love You Phillip Morris”, two heterosexual men pretending to be gay, was the opposite of some famous scientologists. The crowd kind of groaned at that one.

Certainly the least amused of Gervais' antics was Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Philip Berk. Gervais said he “had to help (Berk) off the toilet and pop in his teeth” before Berk came out on stage. When Berk did get to the stage he said if Gervais wanted to get any more movies made, “don't come to me”. Dude, lighten up.

Gervais closed the show by saying “I'd like to thank God for making me an atheist.” I thought that was perhaps his best line of the night.

So it looks like Gervais may not be back next year, although he said he was surprised he was asked back this season, so we'll see. He wasn't crude, and he wasn't profane. I've seen roasts, intended to honor someone, that were more mean-spirited. Next year if we see Neil Patrick Harris, or if they find the cast of Up With People, we'll know what happened.

Fashion notes (because I am the next Joan Rivers or Mr. Blackwell): Did Annette Bening just roll out of bed before the show? Her hair looked awful and she didn't even have a nice dress. 73 year-old Jane Fonda looked much better...hopefully Sandra Bullock's next role is as a bad Cher impersonator, otherwise she has some 'splaining to do.