Gold Sox Flounder After 19-1 Start
June 29, 2015

You can't expect a baseball team to win 95 percent of its games. High school teams do it once in awhile, but it can't be expected of anyone—even a team of collegiate All-Stars. The Marysville Gold Sox almost got halfway through the season with that mark, but you expected it to come down. Perhaps, though, more smoothly than what happened this weekend.

What happened this weekend hasn't happened in eight years. It had only happened twice ever since the team was born in 2003. A team that has won three-quarters of its games historically, and has done so every year, lost all four games in a weekend series. Three of the four games were good. In fact, Sunday's game wasn't bad either until the end. Final scores: 4-2, 3-1, 2-1, and 7-2 (four of the seven in the ninth inning Sunday, but the Gold Sox committed 5 errors).

So what happened? Truth is, especially in the first two games, the Sox just got beat. The Pacific Union Financial Capitalists, a team from the Bay Area made up of recently graduated high school seniors that are headed to major college programs, were deep. Often times, when the opposing team has to go to its bullpen, the Gold Sox can pounce, and add some late inning runs. Not so here.

Saturday, the San Francisco Seagulls had a right hander who just dealt. He mixed speeds, kept the Gold Sox off balance, while the Gold Sox had a pretty good pitcher of their own. Two unearned runs were scored in the first inning, and the Seagulls made them stand up.

Sunday was an eerily similar situation for awhile. The Seagulls scored twice in the first inning (earned runs this time), but almost led the entire way. Marysville scratched for single runs in the fifth and sixth to tie it up, but the Gold Sox lost the lead when San Francisco scored a run in the eighth, and things just fell apart in the ninth. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the team that won 19 of 20 had lost four straight—their longest losing streak since 2012, and the first time since 2007 they lost all four games at home in one weekend.

Doom and gloom? Not hardly. Instead of winning 95 percent of their games, they'll have to settle for about 80 percent. 19-5 after all, is pretty darn good. Some more tough teams await, but a long winning streak likely isn't too far behind.

Sox hit the road: The Gold Sox only road trip of the season is tomorrow and Wednesday in Redding. The Gold Sox took all four home meetings the weekend before last, just before the losing streak started. Temperatures are expected to exceed 110 degrees, so, except for the game itself, outdoor activities will be limited. When the Gold Sox do pick up their next victory, it will be Jack Johnson's 300th as manager.

Anderson gets first ML win: Eight days after making his major league debut, Cody Anderson made his second big league start tonight and took a perfect game into the seventh inning. It was broken up by a Grady Sizemore home run, but Anderson and the Cleveland Indians defeat Tampa Bay 7-1 tonight. Both of Anderson's starts have been against the Rays, and he has allowed 1 run in over 15 innings. Cody's next start should be over the weekend in Pittsburgh, meaning he's next in line for his first major league at-bat.

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