Ode to Gold Sox 2013
August 5, 2013

The Marysville Gold Sox have just completed their 11-week, 48-game season, and as has become somewhat of a tradition the last few years, I concluded the final broadcast wit a little poem of recaps and thank-yous. For those of you who listened, thanks, and I hope you enjoyed it. To the rest of you, you may not know all of the references, but I hope you enjoy it anyway...

Another season has wound down, 2013 is out of time
Forgive me while I recap now, and also try to rhyme

There's a list of things that stand out, and set this year apart
It's just hard to figure out exactly where to start

How 'bout Tommy's walkoff homer, the win at Humboldt, that stunning triple play?
You don't see things like that, unless you come to the park each and every day

Steven Lozier the MVP, and the team's defensive star
Still couldn't top last year, when he crashed into a car

The 500th game—a milestone mark
Ledford's second half—which wasn't a lark

Steven, Kaden and Brad Gerig—each a ten-game hitting streak
Others like Hayes piling up hits, each and every week

Anderson, Humphries, and all those guys—out there on the mound
Not only can they pitch, but they're fun to be around

The All-Star game and home run derby, a nice new thing to try
It's just too bad the game wound up ending in a tie

A regenerating season by Shawn, the catcher they call Wheels
And the 10-run eighth the other night against the San Francisco Seals

And while there were so many highs, the team suffered some lows
Riley's fantastic start, but then the broken hand—now that really blows.

Faith Night with J.R. Richard, but the loss in the tenth inning
And there were other games, of course, where the other team wound up winning

The grand slam by Roberts, given up by Kea
But no worries—that guy's a playa

And oh my gosh the heat this year, so bad it would make you wheeze
Several games on the biggest nights, and it was 108 degrees

But things were surely more good than bad, no doubt more pro than con
It's just hard to believe that this season has already come and gone.

But before we leave, if you don't mind, some thank yous to address
I hope I remember everyone. I'm a little forgetful I confess...

Thanks to the Liningers Tom and Karyn, for everything you do
Pat and Michael and Kaitlyn, and the all the rest of the staff too.

To Jack, and Jim, and Erik—guys I'm proud to call a friend.
They have and always will be help, right there until the end.

Bob and Kevin and their families, up here in the press box
Jimmy and Andy at the paper, who cover the Gold Sox

To Robbie Casselberry, who keeps up the field
You should see how many tools that guy wields

The Horn section, bigger and louder every year—that group has so much fun
They've also been so great to me, each and every one

To my producer back in the studio, the lovely Marina Smith
A fun person on the other end to spend all of this time with

But the biggest thanks is to you the fans. I'd like to thank you all
For tuning in the broadcast, and listening to my call.

But now it's time to wrap it up, with a quick shout-out to my mom
You've been listening to Gold Sox baseball on 1600 KUBA, and KUBA

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