Gold Sox Wrap Best Season Ever
August 4, 2014

It's been customary after the last game of the season to think about the Marysville Gold Sox, and the best team they've ever had. You kind of go over it position by position, look at the highlights, and try to put things in perspective. Even though the most recent season is the freshest in your mind, it didn't take long to come to the conclusion that the 2014 Gold Sox were the best edition in franchise history.

For starters, they won their first 15 games. With really only one exception, they beat the teams they were supposed to beat, and had a winning record against the toughest teams on their schedule. They finished with a best-ever record of 40-7 (.851), had a team batting average going into their final game of .307, a team earned run average of 2.19, and won their third ever Horizon Air Summer Series championship.

The 2011 championship club had great hitters. The 2006 title winners had an unbelievable pitching staff. This year's club was just a really good team. The players are headed back home now, and soon will be at their different schools scattered around the country, but they will all remember their summer in Marysville. Many of them said they had never won any kind of championship before. Other than this, most never will again. It was fun to watch, and fun to be a part of. Congrats to the 2014 Marysville Gold Sox!

A little song, a little dance: For better than five years now, I have concluded the final broadcast of the year with a poem. Here's this year's version...

It's become sort of tradition, I guess, to end the year with a poem
To recap the highlights of the season, in case you don't already know 'em

So please bear with me a few more moments, before we run out of time
A season summary one last time, with a lame attempt to rhyme

15-0 to start the year, including three straight shutouts
You knew something special then and there--these guys play their guts out

Round Tripp Cody's seven home runs, including two in one game
Austin Dick in the ninth every night. He's in the Rocklin Hall of Fame.

The annual trip to Humboldt—Sox and Crabs won one each
Kelly's slam, the Samoa Cookhouse, and of course the trip to the beach

All those extra inning games, six to be exact
They won them all, too—not bragging, that's just fact

Two players got ejected this year, and even Jack got tossed.
The all-time best record, even though 7 games they lost

The 400th win, Faith Night, and Devin's 18 game-streak
And just last night, getting to see old friend and skipper Brad Peek

Those highlights are hard to topple all right
Except maybe June 28–Jack Johnson Bobblehead Night.

The Seattle Studs in town, two big wins, and even a triple play
They had one last year too--still not something you see every day

The All-Star Game, the home run contest, and Brandon's MVP
Steven Lozier didn't win the derby, but he did hit out three

Great defensive plays by Starnes, Mejia, and Frantz
The YMCA, with the players involved, and yes, the Chicken Dance

And number one--The Summer Series title, the dogpile on the mound
Deserving for a great group of guys—none better can be found

I'm sure I forgot to mention some things that happened in 2014
Still has to be the best Gold Sox season that has ever been

Before we leave, I'm almost done, but I have some thank yous to share
Just a couple stanzas left, before we leave the air...

To Jack Johnson, you're the greatest. I don't don't what to say
Your help and friendship throughout the years, and each and every day

Hitting coach, and another friend, you learn so much from Jim Stassi
I know I've used this line before, but there's no one that's more classy

To Tom and Karyn Lininger—the owners are the best
Once again, I just can't say the words I want to express

To my producers in the studio, Andrew, Marina, and Moe
You don't hear them, but they are the ones, that make this broadcast go

Staff and Management at KUBA—that means Gordon and Chris
You keep bringing me back, and I appreciate it. Thanks for letting me do this

To trainer Erik Lambert—I'm so glad that he returned
Robbie too--the best at what he does for sure, and that title he has earned

To all the staff, the interns, the girls who bring be food
Everyone's fun to be around, and always in a good mood

Bob Moffett on the Mic and Mr. Scoreboard Kevin Smoot
Who help me out with many things, and are a lot of fun, to boot

And special thanks to you for listening, each and every one
Being able to bring these games to you every night, is always so much fun

There are so many more to thank. I could go on and on, but you know that would just be wrong
So for the last time I'll say--you've been listening to Gold Sox baseball on KUBA Radio, and

Good night.

Photo: Dogpile on the mound Friday after the Gold Sox clinched the McCullough Division Summer Series championship. (Still from video shot by Gold Sox intern and social media guru Aaron Miller).

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