Dodgers in First After Sweep of Giants
July 28, 2014

While San Francisco Giants fans were celebrating the acquisitions of Dan Uggla and Jake Peavy, fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the city by the bay had blue brooms with them. The Dodgers swept a three-game series, and vaulted over the Giants, and into first place in the National League West.

Pitchers Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, and Hyun-Jin Ryu were dominant, the Dodgers had five triples in the game Friday night including three in an inning, and LA outscored SF 17-4 in the three games.

The Giants lost again tonight, so the Dodgers are two games in front, but being a Dodger fan in Giant territory is pretty fun right now. One co-worker said something to me about standings when I wore by blue shirt on Friday, so I had to print out the National League standings this morning and put them on his desk. Someone also taped up a picture of Yasiel Puig in a prominent place where he could see it, but I swear that wasn't me.

I do work with another Dodgers fan, so we had a few moments of fist-bumping and high-fiving, and then there's my New Jersey transplant boss (the New York Rangers hockey fan), who loves the Mets, and hates the Giants. He's not exactly a Dodger-lover, but made it a point to congratulate me today, even though all I did was watch. He said he was in the Bay Area this weekend, and said he didn't notice one person with a Giants hat on.

Major League Baseball's trading deadline is Thursday, so something big can still happen, but Saturday's trade of Jake Peavy from Boston to San Francisco was big news in the Bay Area. Peavy was 1-9 with the Red Sox, but they still had a live shot of him arriving at the ball park, and an 'exclusive' interview when he talked to the first reporter who got in his way. Uggla, meanwhile, who batted a whopping .162 this year before Atlanta dealt him, made an error in the first inning, and was booed. Not exactly Hunter Pence or Marco Scutaro or Pat Burell or Aubrey Huff, whom the Giants got late to win past championships.

The Dodgers are rumored to be trying to do something big, but it didn't happen today. They did get infielder Darwin Barney from the Cubs, though. He can play shortstop, which is good, because two minor leaguers at that position are either throwing batting helmets at the other team, or recuperating from their own teammate literally biting their ear off. And you think Major Leaguers have drama.

The Giants are only two back, and do have six left with the Dodgers, but the message has been sent to Giants fans. If you want to 'Beat LA', your team better do something. Or at least something better than Uggla and Peavy.

Note: Completely unrelated, but happy birthday to Kelly Keigwin. She's not a sports fan, and is unlikely to reading this, but she's having a tough year, and I'm thinking of her. Get well soon.

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