Okay LeBron, You Got Your Ring
June 25, 2012

The NBA season is over, and King James finally got his crown. Good for him. Now please leave us alone. The Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games to take this year's basketball championship, and the first since the joining of the “Big Three” of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

James, of course, is the key figure. Just about everyone outside of south Florida hates LeBron for “The Decision.” You remember, when he announced on national television that he was leaving hometown Cleveland, and taking his talents to South Beach. It's really not so much that he ditched the up-and-coming Cavaliers, but it was the way that he did it.

I recently heard a sports journalist ask how long America was going to hold a grudge against James over a television show. It's a good question, but to me, the grudge isn't about what he said on TV, even though he made a mistake, and I think he knows that now.

I didn't want James or the Miami Heat to win because of what happened after the televised announcement. The Heat held a rally at their arena during the offseason after James signed, where LeBron promised “not five, not six, not seven...” titles. That was far more offensive to non-Heat fans than “the decision”. But at least for James, who along with Kobe Bryant is one of the top two players in the game today, he now has a championship, and that means something. Guys like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone were great players who never won a title, and now James is no longer in that group.

The Miami Heat are hoping to become a dynasty, but the meaning of that word is different from what it used to be. It seemed that UCLA, the Boston Celtics, the New York Yankees, and the Edmonton Oilers won championships every year. Now, if a team gets to the Finals three years out of four, it's a tremendous accomplishment. James is 27, still plenty of time to win more titles, but not five, not six, not seven. And maybe not even two.

Darned Sox: The Marysville Gold Sox have gone from riches to rags. After winning 15 straight to start this season, and putting together a 35-game winning streak dating back to last year, the club lost five in a row, and has now dropped six of its last seven. The losing skid was during the roughest part of the schedule, where the guys played ten games in eleven nights and against arguably the best teams on their schedule. The Gold Sox are off until Thursday.

Eureka!: Actually it was Arcata where the Gold Sox spent their only road trip last week, and played two games against the Humboldt Crabs—a franchise that predates the arrival of the Giants and Dodgers to California. It seems like time skipped over that area altogether. It's almost like pre-”Summer of Love” San Francisco there. Fans do like their baseball, though. The Gold Sox lost both games by scores of 3-2, with the Wednesday finale going ten innings.

What the?: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Really?

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