Are You Ready For Some Football? I'm Not.
September 2, 2013

The calendar has changed to September. The kids are going back to school. There was even an autumn-like rain shower today. That must mean its football season, right? You can't stop the calendar, but to answer the proverbial question posed every week by Hank Williams, Jr.—No, I'm not ready.

If you listened to KNCO Friday night, you could probably tell I wasn't ready. I broadcast my first high school game in four years, and it showed. It wasn't a great football game, either, with Nevada Union losing to McQueen High of Reno 33-16. The Miners' 16 points came late, and the game wasn't close. Meanwhile, I was struggling to learn names, and find the football in a Wing-T offense.

Saturday was the season premiere of college football. There weren't very many good games on in the morning (at least to me), and I'm still very much in baseball mode. However, for some reason (no college football game), there was no Fox Saturday baseball game of the week. Stupid Fox.

There was a great college football game on ABC at 5pm. Prime time back east, Georgia vs. Clemson, football in the south, Death Valley, Brent Musberger, guys tearing ACLs in touchdown celebrations. The Dodgers were on radio at 6, so I bailed and listened to Vin Scully instead. I was very interested in watching Nevada vs. UCLA Saturday night, but I don't get the Pac-12 Network, so I stayed with the Dodgers, only now it was on to Charley Steiner and Rick Monday.

Sunday. No NFL yet, but my fantasy football draft was at noon. I spend several hours preparing for my baseball draft (keeper league, much more strategy), but I only spent a few minutes studying some rankings for football. With the exception of using a late pick on some running back for the New York Jets that I've never heard of (Bilal Powell) because he had a decent ranking, I think I did pretty well. We'll see.

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night, and I couldn't be less excited. The Dodgers are off that day, and I ended up with Peyton Manning on my fantasy team, so I'll probably watch. I'm still not feeling the excitement. I'm not geeked. I'm not stoked. A Brent Musberger game almost got me geared up for college football. Maybe Al Michaels can have be NFL ready Thursday night. Right now, I kinda doubt it.

And Friday night is my next football game. Nevada Union vs. Grant High of Sacramento—two storied teams with a renewed rivalry and lots of tradition. Hooper Stadium in Grass Valley will be packed. Miner fans are ready to see a win. Am I ready for some football? By then, I better be.

College P.S.: Other than the Georgia-Clemson game, which the eighth ranked Tigers beat the number five Bulldogs 38-35, what other game that was on TV here was worth seeing? Eastern Washington had a pretty exciting 49-46 shootout upset win at Oregon State, but that was on the Pac-12 Network. I guess I could have watched the Texas A&M game with the first-half suspended Johnny Manziel, and the mouthing off he did in the second. Blech. LSU-TCU looked like a pretty decent game on ESPN, but that's it.

Reality Football: The commissioner of my fantasy league posted something that I have thought for years. He says he's less interested in professional sports because of the criminal element. Football players always seem to be getting arrested, and NBA players nowadays are just thugs. Maybe that's why I'm not ready. Players are getting busted for PEDs in baseball, too, and its so depressing. Maybe I should just take up gardening.

And We're Back: A sports and television note that will make my mother happy. Time Warner Cable and CBS have resolved their contract dispute, and network programming is back on the cable system. The dispute only involved 11 stations in 8 markets, but Los Angeles was one of them. My mom was mad because KCBS Channel 2 is showing the U.S. Open Tennis Championships and CBS-owned KCAL Channel 9 airs several Dodger games. The channels were dark for almost a month, but the signals were turned back on this afternoon.

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