Ode to the Gold Sox
August 8, 2011

For the last few years, I have ended the seasons of Gold Sox broadcasts with a poem. I decided to do that again this time, and also, to kill two birds with one stone (wow, what a barbaric expression), include it here in my weekly post...

Well, the Gold Sox season is now in the book
A moment to look at the path that it took.

Some strange things happened. That early rainout.
The tie in Klamath Falls? What was THAT all about?

An inside-the-park homer, that never happened before
It made you wonder what else was in store.

Most homers, most triples, and hits for extra-bases
And Coy with a double against every pitcher he faces

Watching Brent Ohrman run is really a treat
And high-flying catches after leaving his feet.

A milestone reached, in fact more than one
The 300th win, the hundredth home run

Two-homer games from Kuresa, Hottman, and Soto
It's too bad that Will isn't in the team photo

Bast and Bertelson, the two Air Force guys
I'll think of them often when I look to the skies.

There were some lowlights too, you remember that, right?
It started with a loss on Opening Night

A defeat to the Mudcats, shut out by the Glory
But Faith Night with Dravecky, now THAT was a story!

The call to the majors for Anthony Bass
Watching his debut on the big screen was such a gas

The best moment? The one that was the cincher?
The Sunday night game that was the HASS clincher

Creel on the mound, and that called strike three
The dog-pile that followed, was so fun to see.

A very close second was the 20-game streak
They ran out of time, they were just starting to peak!

But now it's all over, and you know the rules
The players go home, then go back to their schools.

Before WE go home, and get off the air,
I hope you'll indulge me, some thank-yous to share...

First to the Liningers, Karyn and Tom,
The Johnsons in Chicago—Jack's dad and mom

To Jack of course, and man what can I say?
We go back years now, a long long way.

You put up with me for awhile, I hope I didn't give you fits.
But I sure have enjoyed all of your skits.

The coaches, Josh Taylor and Jim Stassi too.
There's so many things that you guys do.

To the players themselves, they are all such great guys
It makes it much harder when it comes to good-byes

Russell, Shannon, A.J. and Neil
Bevacqua, Wedesky, Deetjen, and Creel

To Erik Lambert, the best trainer in sport
He's also the judge in kangaroo court.

The guys in the Press Box, Kevin and Bob
Those at the paper—they do a great job

The interns, the staff, they all work so hard
And to groundskeeper Craig for a great-looking yard.

And to the folks at KUBA: Gordon, Chris, and of course Brian
I really should stop now before I start cryin'

So as we go back to music, and turn off the light
We say one last time, YOU'RE LISTENING TO 1600 AND FM 95-5 KUBA, Good night.

Photo: Back row left to right; Manager Jack Johnson, Coach Josh Taylor, Coach Jim Stassi, Michael Lowden, A.J. Alexander, Tyler Deetjen, Brock Neil, Tyler Kuresa, Josh Wedesky, Chase Rihtarchik, D.J. Slaton, Cory Rademacher, Jason Taasaas, Kendyle Blank, Assistant Trainer Marc Giampaoli, Head Trainer Erik Lambert

Front row left to right; Radio broadcaster Geoff Flynn, Edgar Vela, Michael Cerda, Brent Ohrman, Kenton Bevacqua, Brent Ohrman, Justin Charles, Daniel Russell, Mitchell Wilhite, Casey Coy, Mark Shannon, Batboy Spencer Lininger, Brandon Creel, Batboy Gehrig Larrigan

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