The Puig Show, Batting Out of Order, and More
July 8, 2013

How can a guy who has only been in the Major Leagues for a month be considered worthy of making the All-Star team? One big leaguer said it's a joke. Many don't think a rookie with that little experience belongs. That's probably the case, but then again, we haven't seen the likes of Yasiel Puig.

The Cuban sensation that is the Dodgers outfielder has not officially been named to the All-Star team yet. He is one of five National League players that fans can vote in for the final roster spot, which is actually a cheap way for baseball to avoid the issue. But the question remains—does he belong? He's only been in the big leagues for a month, but he's batting .409 with 8 home runs, and 17 multi-hit performances in 32 games. On the day the all-stars were announced, Puig struck out four times, but only Joe DiMaggio had more hits than Puig in the first calendar month in his career. Puig's only batting .323 in July, but has not gotten a hit in a game only five times in his brief career.

If I were a judge, or on an arbitration panel about whether Puig should be in or out as an All-Star, I would probably have to recuse myself as a Dodger fan. There is definitely a bias here. If Puig were not a Dodger, I'd probably be against it, but I also wouldn't have been watching, listening, or reading about his play every day. Tough call. I'm not going to participate in the fan vote, but if the kid gets in, it would be difficult to be upset about it.

Hey Hey Hanley: With all the hype (and rightfully so) about Puig, he isn't even the hottest Dodger. Hanley Ramirez has gone 30-for-60, with a higher slugging percentage than Puig, No mention (and probably rightfully so) about Ramirez being an All-Star.

Greinking it up: Which is more impressive, his hitting or his pitching? In his first start since the June 11 brawl in Los Angeles, Dodgers pitcher Zach Greinke gave up only two hits against the Arizona Diamondbacks. As a batter, Greinke was 3-for-3, meaning he got more hits than he allowed. Greinke has a .370 batting average this season. Maybe he should bat leadoff when he pitches.

Radio, Radio: It pays to listen to the radio. I was out running an errand on Saturday, listening to the Giants-Dodgers game when Buster Posey batted out of order in the first inning. Giants broadcaster Jon Miller was right on top of the whole situation, and even knew who would bat next and how the play was scored. I also had the game on TV, so when I got home, I could rewind and see the play on Fox. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver didn't know what was going on. McCarver saying, “I haven't seen that in 35 years”, with Buck replying, “I'm glad you've said that because I've never seen it.” These are the faces of MLB on television. I later listened to the Dodger radio broadcast with Charley Steiner and Rick Monday. Steiner knew immediately what was up when Don Mattingly went out to argue, and Monday even added a story about when that happened to the Dodgers with Ron Cey and Dusty Baker. Radio is definitely where it's at.

Witnessing history: Unfortunately our loud mouth public address announcer at the Gold Sox game gave the results of the Wimbledon Men's Final between innings, and I found out that Andy Murray had beaten Novak Djokovic. In doing so, Murray became the first British man in 77 years to win a Wimbledon championship. I had taped the match, and planned to watch it Sunday evening. I still saw the first and third sets. Even though I know who won, it was definitely worth it.

Hasta La Vista, Howard: I used to be such a Dwight Howard fan, and that was well before he became a Laker. I didn't want the Lakers to get him when they did, because all you heard about was that he demanded to be traded from Orlando, and then he would say that he never said that. Howard is now a Houston Rocket, and hopefully that means he ends up back in the world of irrelevance. Lakers need a center now, though.

Tangled Up In Blue: My Dodger fan co-worker said the Dodgers would be in first place on July 26, giving the boys in blue six weeks to get there. With the win tonight, the Dodgers are only 3½ games behind Arizona, and have picked up 6 games in two weeks—well ahead of his schedule to take the NL West lead.

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