Hear Ye, Hear Ye, It's Finally Happened!
July 22, 2013

Many people have been waiting for this moment for weeks. Months even. Some thought it would never get here. Everybody's been talking about it, and there have been bets on when the moment would finally arrive. I think Kate Middleton had a baby today, but that's not what I'm talking about. The Los Angeles Dodgers are in first place!!!

The baby thing was pretty impressive, though, and to think that child will be like his grandfather someday—almost 65 and still not the king of England. I'm not sure how all of the pomp and circumstance works over there. The way I understand it, a town crier (kind of like Bill Murray's brother in Groundhog Day) unfurls a scroll, proclaims the baby saw its shadow, and then went back inside. Meanwhile, throngs of people gathered all over London looking for either blue smoke or pink smoke, to know whether the newborn is a prince or a princess. I had the sound down on the TV at work, but I think that's what was going on. I could be mistaken.

By the way, are they ever going to name that kid? I understand the betting favorite is George, but grandpa has a bunch of names (Charles Philip Arthur George) and so does daddy (William Philip Arthur Lewis). If the kid is going to get four names, it should be something like George Herbert Walker Bush (wait, that's taken), or maybe John Paul George Ringo. Both of those names have Georges in there somewhere. but there will likely be a Philip and/or a William in there too. They can't still be trying to decide, can they? They're probably just making us wait. Either that or all of the royal third cousins are getting their inside information so they can get their bets down. May I suggest Geoffrey? It's a very British name. Unfortunately, that will probably be the name of the royal butler who brings George William Philip Seymour Hoffman his bottle and his blanky.

But enough of that stuff. Everyone know the baby was coming. They had nine months to figure everything out. A trimester ago, the Dodgers were struggling, 12 games under .500 and 9˝ games out of first place. On the day the prince is born, the stars align for the Dodgers, and they are on the top of the NL West standings.

I have to say, though, while Anglo Saxons and Anglophiles celebrate His Royal Highness Prince Whathisname of Cambridge, Angelenos are celebrating guys named Clayton, Hanley, and Yasiel. On June 14, when Yasiel Puig mania was just getting started, and Hanley Ramirez had been off the disabled list (again) for about a week, and Clayton Kershaw was losing games 2-1 or winning 1-0, a co-worker of mine and a big LA fan said the Dodgers would be in first place in six weeks. I was hoping Greg Jannetta was right, but I thought he was nuts. He made it with four days to spare.

As for the baby name, whatever those eccentric English come up with is fine, but when that royal kid makes his first public appearance to the world, it would be more than appropriate, and certainly a nice touch, if he were to be wearing blue. Dodger Blue.

Nothing to do with the baby or Dodgers: I didn't watch any of it, but kudos to Phil Mickelson for winning the British Open--a much classier guy than the other name that gets mentioned everytime you turn around, even when your not watching golf...Speaking of classless guys, Major League Baseball has suspended Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun for the rest of the year for violating the sport's drug policy. Braun accepted the punishment, and 'admitted' his mistakes, but this is the same guy who avoided suspension because Braun argued to an arbitrator that a FedEx guy didn't deliver the urine sample on time...The Golden State Warriors defeated the Phoenix Suns tonight to win the NBA Basketball Las Vegas Summer League. Can't wait for the banner and ring ceremony.

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