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June 27, 2011

This past week bas been a busy one. The collegiate wood-bat summer team that I broadcast was on the road, so I'm a little behind. Let's see if I have this straight...

Dodgers: News today that Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. I'm not a lawyer, but it appears this is a move by McCourt to hold onto the team, rather than be forced to sell it. Although Mr. McCourt gets a $150-million dollar loan in the process, one broadcast report concludes this is more of a stall tactic, and could be the beginning of the end of McCourt ownership. It's hard to believe that it is becoming more and more embarrassing to be a Dodger fan. First Manny Ramirez, now this.

Other Stuff: I saw that Trent Oeltjen started for the Dodgers in left field yesterday. I've lost count, but I think that's seven different Dodgers that have started at that position... Even if he doesn't turn about to be great, it's exciting to see that the Sacramento Kings of Anaheim (or should it be the Anaheim Royals of Sacramento?) drafted BYU's Jimmer Fredette... Why is it that a men's tennis tournament always seems to get good the moment Andy Roddick is eliminated?

The power of Bono and The Edge: I know the schedule change was made prior to the start of the season, but how stupid is it that the Florida Marlins moved their interleague series with the Mariners from Miami to Seattle so the stadium could be readied for a U2 concert? How stupid is it that the Marlins still got to be the home team 3000 miles away? And how stupid is it that the game on Sunday was played at 10pm Eastern time so that the Marlins fans (how ever many there are) had to stay up until 1am just to watch or listen to their "home" team play? Stupid stupid stupid.

More stupid: The more I read about MLB Commissioner Bud Selig's idea to realign baseball, the more ridiculous it sounds (I've use the word "stupid" seven times already). Not only does he want to have an odd number of teams in each league, he also is thinking about eliminating divisions. Does anyone remember 1998 when he wanted "radical realignment"? He was proposing eliminating the National and American Leagues, and essentially creating an Eastern and Western Conference. ESPN's Peter Gammons even reported it as a done deal. Remember? Anyone?

More than enough already: Can Terrell Owens pppppplease just go away? On a day when both Williams sisters lost at Wimbledon and the Dodgers filed for bankruptcy, ESPN's Monday afternoon Sports Center led with a report that the egocentric wide receiver had surgery on a torn ACL. I believe that as part of the Worldwide Leader's deal to televise Monday Night Football, ESPN has to lead with NFL news 300 days a year. Exhibit A.

In closing: Former Gold Sox pitcher Anthony Bass has been recalled by the San Diego Padres. Bass made his Major League debut June 13 in a spot start, and beat the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. This time, the Padres plan to use him in long relief... Thanks to local baseball old timer "Slidin' Clyde" Perry for a nice letter to the editor he wrote about me and the Gold Sox broadcasts in the Appeal-Democrat... In the Los Angeles Times story about the Dodgers bankruptcy, the paper lists that the team owes broadcaster Vin Scully $152,778. I hope that's for a pay period and not the entire season.

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