You Have to Admit It Was a Pretty Good Game
February 2, 2015

Yes, I hate both teams. You've got the cheating New England Patriots and the classless Seattle Seahawks. Bill (whether or not you think deflate-gate was an issue or not still was caught filming other teams' practices) Bellichick against Pete (got out of USC just in time before he was fired for recruiting and other violations) Carroll. Pretty Boy (who me?) Tom Brady and selfish LeGarrette Blount vs. Loudmouth Richard Sherman and 'I'm just here so I don't get fined' Marshawn Lynch. Someone had to win.

Thoroughly disgusted with the choices, at least I had my Super Bowl pool. Seven five-dollar squares with a chance to win a hundred dollars a quarter, and two hundred at the end. I had some good numbers, too. Forget that the lesser-of-two-evils Seahawks scored a tying touchdown just before halftime, that cost me a hundred bucks. Had it been 14-7 New England at the break, I would have enjoyed Katy Perry and Friends a lot more, and the second half, too.

Since I really didn't care who won, I should have enjoyed the New England comeback. The Pats were down 24-14 at the end of three (I didn't win that quarter either), and pulled off the comeback 28-24. In the final drive, I was rooting for a New England field goal. That would have tied it, and if Seattle kicked a field goal to win it either in regulation or overtime, I would have won 200 dollars. It was something to root for, but admittedly, maybe I was too caught up in that.

Malcolm Butler's interception and the 'Why didn't they just hand off to Marshawn?' question is all everyone is talking about, and that's the way it should be. Butler deserved the MVP, not Brady. I was on my way home from the Super Bowl gathering before the award was announced—an enjoyable evening, but thinking more about the pool than the game. One person at our party did win fifty bucks in her office pool, even though I had to explain to her how the squares work, but that was at least something to enjoy.

It bugs me that Bellichick won, but I'm happy Carroll didn't repeat. Even though Brady didn't deserve it, the MVP could have gone to Lynch if he carried the ball at the end like everyone thought he would, and scored the winning TD, but how could you give an award and then interview an MVP who doesn't even talk to the media? My thought before the game was if Lynch was the Most Valuable Player, everyone in the media should ignore him. You know that's not going to happen, but one can dream.

The brawl at the end was classless, but expected. Heck, they even had time left to do it again, and I thought they would. But if you leave out all of the idiots (but there are so many), and look at the game as a whole, it might be (choke) one of the best Super Bowl's ever. I mean a comeback, only to look like it wouldn't matter in the end, but the game sealed on maybe the most second-guessed play call ever? Add a fight at the end and a good show at halftime? Gold.

Halftime: I don't know why Missy Elliott was there, and Lenny Kravitz certainly didn't add anything for the 70 seconds he was on stage (was he even playing that guitar?), but Katy Perry was worth it. You knew she was going to close with Firework, and the entrance on the giant tiger to Roar was pretty cool. I didn't understand the Sponge Bob-like underwater theme with the sharks to Teenage Dream and California Gurls, but it was enjoyable. I'm not sure if Perry used to work at 'Hot Dog on a Stick' in that dress, but she looked good in it. Just a thought, but was Kravitz on stage during I Kissed a Girl just so that right-winged homophobes wouldn't freak out? If you were keeping score, one song Perry didn't do was Hot n Cold. Our party host noticed—I think that was the only Katy Perry song he knew.

Commercials: What a bunch of downers. The Nationwide ad with the kid who couldn't enjoy all the fun things in life because he died in an accident? That spells Super Bowl fun. The 'Cats in the Cradle' Nissan ad where the kid watches his race car driving father crash on TV? That was the worst. Budweiser had obligatory cuteness with the puppy and the Clydesdale. Thirty seconds of 'awww'. Pete Rose in the Sketchers spot was an unexpected chuckle, as was Brett Favre in the ad. The Doritos 'when pigs fly' spot was worth the wait until the fourth quarter, but last year's time machine ad was better. The Fiat ad where the guy loses his Viagra into the gas tank of a car was pretty funny, especially when he was in bed asleep at the end. The Brady Bunch Snickers ad and the Avocados from Mexico 'first draft ever' were my favorites.

Baseball: The Marysville Gold Sox made some big off the field news this week when it was announced that owners Tom and Karyn Lininger along with minority owner Bob Bavasi sold controlling interest in the team to three guys from Arizona. Gary Gelinas, President of Consolidated Sports Holdings International, and Jake Knight, owner and operator of Equity Auto Finance will be managing partners. Knight's father Kevin Knight, who owns Knight Transportation, will join as an advisor. The Liningers (and presumably Bavasi), will still own part of the team according to a published report in the Appeal-Democrat... Former Gold Sox pitcher Curtis Partch, who was not offered a contract by the Cincinnati Reds over the winter, has signed a minor league deal with the San Francisco Giants with an invitation to spring training... Football is over and baseball is almost here. Pitchers and catchers report in 16 days.

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