Trump Underwhelms on SNL
November 9, 2015

Donald Trump has made all kinds of statements and promises during his Presidential campaign, but he delivered on one statement this week. He said ratings would soar when he hosted Saturday Night Live, and he was right. This week's show was the highest rated in four years. And why not? He's hosted the show before, he's in the entertainment business, and there's certainly a lot of material to work with. The show itself though? Ehh, not that great.

It's actually hard to blame The Donald (do they still call him that?), though. The sketches he was in weren't that funny, and the one that had the best premise, plummeted at the end. Trump played himself as President in 2018 where all the things he has said came true, including the president of Mexico coming in to hand Trump a check for the wall. Good stuff, but then it faded into a dream sequence as a 'Melania for First Lady' commercial. Good plot, lousy ending.

The writers also had a somewhat good idea when they had Trump not in a sketch, but tweet about it. Taking off on calling Fox News' Megyn Kelly a bimbo, Trump 'tweeted', with pop-up messages on the screen, how Taran Killam was a horrible person or Cecily Strong was a “loser”. The cast members were acting like they couldn't remember their lines because they feared what Trump was tweeting, but it really wasn't very funny,and certainly not for very long.

Trump at his worst was the sketch where he was a 'laser harp' player in a band and got upset when there wasn't ever time for his solo. The whole thing was dumb. Trump at his best was “showing off his dance moves” in the 'Hotline Bling' parody with Jay Pharoah as rapper Drake (Okay, I'm a middle aged white guy, and while I have heard of Drake, I wasn't familiar with the song. It was funny anyway).

Other than the video, it's probably not a good thing when the opening monologue is the best part. Trump on stage with impersonators Killam and Darrell Hammond, all dressed alike was the best moment. Larry David, in what sounded like his George Steinbrenner voice from Seinfeld, heckled Trump from off stage calling him a racist. David said he was told if he did it he would get five thousand dollars. Trump countered, “as a business man, I can respect that.”

Trump did deliver the ratings, but many viewers went to bed disappointed. At least we know what Trump is about. Now, would someone please explain Sia?

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