USA Women Rock the World, Beat Japan
July 6, 2015

If you are like most of us, and only watched the championship game of the Women's World Cup soccer tournament, you were likely shocked. “A high scoring soccer game?”, you thought to yourself. You were saying “I thought Japan was good.” And you likely shouted “what a play!” several times while watching Team USA win their first title in 16 years.

Yes it was (a high scoring game), yes they are (Japan is good, they just ran into a juggernaut), and wow indeed, some great plays by the Americans. The United States defeated Japan 5-2, led 4-1 at halftime, were up 4-0 before you were settled in, and saw midfielder Carli Lloyd put three balls in the net in just 16 minutes. If you were expecting 0-0 and penalty kicks (and you know you were), the match turned into a pleasant and wonderful surprise.

Yesterday's game turned out to be the most watched soccer game, men or women, in American television history. Over 25 million viewers saw the game on Fox, and 1.3 million more watched in Spanish on Telemundo. The viewership was greater than game five of the NBA Finals, and game seven of last year's World Series, but let's face it, there's a reason for that.

The New York Times points out what they referred to as a 'perfect storm' for the high numbers. The game was in Canada, and started at 7pm Eastern Time—prime time for most of America. The match was more of an event with many (like you and me) watching just to root on Team USA or just to see how good these women really are. Even when the game became a blowout, people kept watching to see the United States victory celebration, and isn't that what watching sports on TV is all about (as well as playing)?

Gold Sox end losing skid: Last week, the Marysville Gold Sox lost all four home games for the first time in eight years. That streak grew to a franchise record seven with two losses in Redding and back at home Thursday night. The “stinky funk”, as manager Jack Johnson called it, finally ended with a party atmosphere, Friday night with holiday fireworks that followed. The win was also Johnson's 300th as Gold Sox manager.

Anderson gets first MLB loss: Cleveland Indians right-hander, and former Gold Sox pitcher Cody Anderson has now made three major league starts and has allowed a total of two runs. He lost on Saturday, though, 1-0 at Pittsburgh. Anderson had a no decision in his first start (score was 0-0 when he left), lost a perfect game in the seventh in his next outing (but still got the win), then suffered the 1-0 defeat Saturday. He is 1-1 with an earned run average of 0.76. The kid from Quincy will likely start Thursday at home against Houston.

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